Please note that this page concerns joining the Open Space Exploration Journal’s journalistic staff. If you are interested in joining one of the projects covered in our articles, you should contact the project in question directly.

Would you like to contribute articles for publication in the Open Space Exploration Journal? If you are interested in being given assignments, please submit a brief description of your relevant areas of interests to lead editor Anders Feder at If you would rather cover a subject at your own discretion, feel free to send a finished article you want to publish in OSEJ.

Please note that all articles you contribute to Open Space Exploration Journal falls under the conditions of our license.

Corrections, additions and suggestions for updates to already published articles are also very welcome. Please post your comments, preferably citing your sources so we have a chance to verify your claims, under the comments section of the article in question and they will most likely be processed and incorporated into the article itself as soon as time permits.

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Open Space Exploration Journal is an online journal documenting day-to-day advances in the emerging field of community-driven, not-for-profit exploration of space.

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